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Karin Schmollgruber
Visibility & Marketing Strategist

Your expertise deserves to be seen.

Visibility creates opportunities

What do you want to be known for?

I’m not the most spiritual person. But I know there is a reason why you are reading these words. It’s because you are looking for something.

Maybe you are not quite satisfied with where you are right now, and how the world perceives what you do. Maybe you are curious what else life has in store for your career or business. 

So you are consciously – or not so consciously – searching for someone who will help you transform what is into what can be.

You have come to the right place. My zone of genius is finding the glory in your professional and personal story in order to develop and communicate a compelling message. A message that positions you as the expert to-go-to. Ready to learn more?

“Visibility creates opportunities”
This is my motto!
“It's up to you what to use it for: impact, thought leadership, wealth.”
The world is your oyster - if you're visible!

Are you secretly wondering how raising your visibility would impact your life?

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