7 Steps to an amazing Linkedin profile for lawyers, professionals & entrepreneurs

Tips for your Linkedin profile

As a lawyer, professional or entrepreneur you should definitely be on Linkedin with a private profile. Because, unlike other social media business platforms, Linkedin is absolutely professional. Whether you decide to use the network beyond that to network strategically, to get your daily dose of information or comment on other people’s post, even to publish your own updates, is another matter.

But if you do have a Linkedin profile, use it to demonstrate how competent you are, what you have achieved in your career or realm of influence, who you work with and that, yes you are digitally fit.

How? With an attractive, up-to-date and filled out profile, that is as impressive as you are.

Here are my tips for crafting a Linkedin profile that is as stellar as you are.

1. Profile picture

Choose a picture that shows you looking friendly, approachable and professional. Your face in the photo should be large enough for people to recognise you. Should go without saying, one would think. But most of the time it isn’t.

2. Background image

The background image is the area behind your round profile photo. Most of the time it is just left blank. That’s a shame, because here you can either display competence or personality. The photo can show you in any professional situation. However, you can choose any motif you want – for example, a beautiful photo of your home or favourite place, you practising your hobby. The only unsuitable photos are family and party photos and snapshots of your pets. Or are you interested in my daughter’s rabbits (cute photos available on request ;-)?

3. Headline

The so-called headline should convey your competence and industry specialisation and contain keywords. To arouse your visitor’s curiosity, ideally, add some off-the-mill information about yourself. This could be your hobby, a break in your CV or a passion you would not have expected (like bookworm, piano player, opera singer, history buff). For me, that would probably be Austro-Chilean.

4. About

This is the actual core of your Linkedin profile. It is an absolute mistake to neglect this area or even leave it completely empty. Please don’t! And not, that your official expert description is out of place here. Very important, address your target group in the first person.

5. Featured

This is where you post links to relevant external websites and images as well as descriptions. opportunity to showcase your publications, awards and special events – in other words, your “wins”. You can post links to relevant external websites and images as well as descriptions. Or you highlight a current post.

6. Vanity-URL

You can also prove your Linkedin fitness with a snazzy “vanity URL”. A vanity URL contains your name, possibly dots and hyphens, but never the combination of letters and numbers randomly generated by Linkedin. Adapt that one under “‘Edit public profile”.

7. Skills

I’m a bit at war with this area, especially with the possibility of having your visitors confirm that you actually know MS Office or basic Mandarin. But joking aside, please don’t list Excel here. Instead, choose your three most important skills. Even if several dozen entries are possible, as long as you are not looking for a job, you can treat this section with less love than the others.

If you have neither the time nor motivation to work on your profile yourself, please contact me. I create brilliant Linkedin profiles for attorneys, accountants and tax advisors. I also do ready-made-postings for my clients (don’t tell anyone 😉


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