Clubhouse or how to evaluate new platforms

By now you have most certainly heard about the drop-in-audio platform Clubhouse. So far it is only open to iPhone users and on top, you need an invite before you can join. But, don’t feel left out. Here is why:

  • The limitation to iPhone is purely a technical issue. They are just starting out.
  • That is also the reason for the invite.

They just cannot scale fast enough at the moment. This – combined with the raving reviews of happy members – is often perceived as a red velvet rope-policy that guards an exclusive platform. Well, it is NOT.

From red velvet rope to Tom, Dick & Harry

It was the same with Gmail back in the day. You needed an invite before you could set up an account. I was one of the early adopters thanks to an invite by a friend who was a university lecturer. I remember very well, that I felt like the savviest tech-insider on the face of the planet. So much so, that I even used Gmail to communicate with my clients.

A few months later every Tom, Dick and Harry (or if we say in German Hinz & Kunz) could set up multiple accounts, without any invite whatsoever.

How to evaluate if a social media platform is worth your time

I am a proud Android user, therefore I cannot give you a first-hand review of Clubhouse. However, I know a thing or two about social media.

As a busy lawyer/professional your time is very limited. So it makes sense to watch how you spend it. When evaluating a (new) platform I suggest using this formula:

  1. Is your audience (= potential clients today or tomorrow) on there?
  2. Does your time budget allow you to set up an account and actually use it?
  3. With visual platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Insta and the like: Can you come up with visual content on a consistent basis?
  4. Are you interested in topics that are being covered inside?
  5. Are you an IP, media, data protection or in-house lawyer who needs to be in the know so you can advise your clients?

If your answer is „yes“ for at least one of these questions and you are an iPhone user, get on the waitlist now or watch out for an invite.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash