What to post on Linkedin as an attorney, auditor or tax advisor

What to write as an expert

There is no easier way to build your brand as an expert and raise your visibility than posting on Linkedin – to this day. Take it from me: I built my first business with direct mail (as in letters sent and posted with a stamp ;-). I built my second business by blogging. And – you guessed it – I built my third and current business by posting on Linkedin.

If you want to become more visible, but don’t know what to write about, here is a short list.

Writing prompts for experts on Linkedin: 

  1. article you (co-)authored
  2. paper you published 
  3. speech or lecture you gave 
  4. speech or lecture you attended 
  5. new job you started
  6. recent book that inspired you and how it relates to your work 
  7. insight you had at business or networking event 
  8. accolade you received and why it made your day 
  9. degree or certificate you earned and why you picked that field 
  10. article you find valuable for your friends, peers or followers (no links to paywall content pls) 
  11. any piece of content you think provides value and why interesting new project or client at work (be discreet if you must, follow company guidelines) and how it relates to you 
  12. exciting professional development and why you are happy about it 
  13. shout-out to a client, colleague, mentor or boss – make it authentic and worthwhile 
  14. your two cents on a new trend in your field 

Remember to always provide one or more of these elements: 

  • value
  • entertainment
  • information

From my practice I know that attorneys, auditors and tax advisors usually have a vault of content on their computers‘ hard drive. However, in order to really catch people’s attention make sure to always make the information easy to read.